Fintech itself the next big thing in 2021


The no-human contact during the work from home period, the binge watching Netflix saga, the sudden dip in the business with no certain clarity, led to damaging the mental health and the financial health of the business; poor financial management is however the reason for the increased stress and depression is another story to discuss for another day

Anybody, who operated better in this lockdown claims the proper finance management with digital support to it is the sole reason for their effectiveness.

At present, looking towards 2021, correct budgeting backed with…

Wilted flowers, withered leaves, and whooshing wind denote nothing but dryness. Everywhere you feel cold, dry, and rough: chillness increases as the day goes by. The cold dryness lures you into a comfy space where you start to enjoy that chillness spiking into your body without realizing the skin dehydration it’s causing.

Usually, in winter your skin becomes pale, soft, chapped, full of painful rashes because of the inability to lock the moisture into cells.

One effective winter skin care tip is to build your winter skincare routine using winter skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.


“I am stuck”

Everybody, irrespective of their job have felt stuck at one point. It’s known as creative block in the marketing world.

When you hit that block, it is hard to come out of the hamster wheel process you picked along the way. Everything — the content, the ideas and the thought process becomes diluted. One common symptom of this creative block is your focus is on quantity rather than quality.

The great copywriters or the content creator(or as I call content cookers), never focus on the number. It is always about quality for them.

One of my favorite…


Google Pay Marketing Strategies

You are sitting in your chair, crunching every minute in your mind with “Black Friday, Christmas, New Year. How do I make use of this opportunity?

What campaign should I run? How to make it a viral success? Are B2B users enjoying these holiday campaigns?”

You were all too loud and it triggered me to do something about very interesting — understand the Google Pay Holiday Campaign.

So I went ahead, read, explored and thought you should also get a peek of marketing insights from what I learnt and found.

Google Pay ran a Holiday campaign in India for the…


The book Skin In The Game is now my new favorite time. If you have read this book, you would wonder how this book applies to this title. If you have not, this post will leave a new perception on the way you see life and, I hope it is a positive experience.

In the book, Taleb, the author, discusses why and how one should hold themselves as responsible for their actions. The author takes the discussion to a higher level, pointing out the absurd flaws of the policymakers from this world. …

A workplace is a sacred premise for many people around the world. The common characteristic found among these worshippers is “Loyalty”

How to build teamwork within your organization?

Back in old times when our great -great granddads went for a job or ran a business, the technical skills which drive the operations were given secondary preference to the personality possessed by the job seekers.

In the modern ages, “Smart work rather than hard work”, visibly became popular. Without understanding the deep insight behind the phrase everybody aimed at getting things by any means without considering integrity and ethics.

If the smart work is the core competency, everybody would be hitting the bulls-eye. The reality sparks a difference for each of them. There are some companies, who make it…

Is your core idea is about helping customers but not buying them?

Why do you feel your marketing isn’t working?

Ever wondered why your marketing is failing?
Felt like you can’t align any of your strategies with the rest of the marketing businesses?

I am a beginner in the marketing field, learning and experimenting all the marketing tools and campaigns. On a monthly basis of over 50%, my mind stops working and feels like my efforts are reaching nowhere.

That is roughly about on a scale of 4–5 days a week, ironically it is the number of working days I spend with my job. It is a nightmare for me when I did the calculations. When I dug deeper, I…

Melinda Gates speaks about women rights, but a hidden message for marketers

Mr. & Mrs. Gates has released their annual letter for 2019 and it has addressed many of the core problems that is being faced by the developing countries, poverty and the women’s rights.

The one line from their annual letter which struck me hard is, Melinda pointing out that many of the countries including the emperor USA don’t have enough data about women. Later when she sat for to discuss with her annual letter, she has quoted regretfully that “Data can be sexist”

For Gates, data is so important, because she trusts only with enough data you can make decisions…

Marketing shift is as real as global warming, in fact the former is faster and better than the latter.

There is no argument in the power of an effective online marketing and the results it gives. With this real happening fact, one cannot ignore the digital marketing, changes that occurs evolving for better prospects. Sadly, many of the marketers cannot adopt and adapt to these changes as as the domain does.

One of the big reasons we are seeing digital marketing change so much is because of the adoption of new technologies. But also because the web is getting saturated there are 1,805,260,010 websites on the web.

Let’s see what are the trends you have to watch out for…

Are you ready to be Miss Potts?

I am an amateur writer but passionate about words and the magic it can create. I have been blogging (or should I say scribbling?) in my personal blog about random things, mostly stuffs I have encountered. So it was like this how life went quite a while, when I came across this Mr. Stark, Tony Stark, not exactly the one with iron suit and firing the supersonic bullets from his palm.

As I work, under him, his junior and report to him, I was more careful and professional since Mr. Stark is a super genius guy.


A young blogger trying to make the world a better place with words. Passionate Digital Marketer helping and supporting businesses to excel.

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